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How a birth means Double Fortune for everyone

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Hello and welcome to the birth of How Communications on our official launch day. Cue the trumpets.

We are a marketing and communications agency with a difference; we are here to help both clients and top shelf consultants prosper. We're an agency for clients and an agent for consultants and freelancers.

We loosely call our operating model the “Double Fortune” model, here’s why:

Clients come to us to get help with their brand reputation, sell more of product or win hearts and minds. And we can do that both in the Australia and China markets.

Yes. Two markets.

We also promote and use the best consultants on the market to get it done. We have a Know How network of over 100 trusted consultants able to add their expertise to any project. We hand select each team to deliver a great job but they only work for clients when they are needed. We also do all the project management and keep deliverables on track.

Our consultants also bring their clients to us to help on problems bigger than their own specialty or area of expertise. So we help consultants get work and keep their clients happy.

Clients win, consultants win: hence Double Fortune.

Even our launch date is all about Double Fortune. We’ve chosen 8/8 as our launch date because the number 8 is very auspicious. In Chinese “Ba” (the number 8), sounds like “Fa” which means to make a fortune, be prosperous, have high social standing and all good business things in general.

However we count ourselves pretty lucky already:

  • We are three friends who are super experienced in our respective fields,

  • We love what we do,

  • We firmly believe that creativity is the backbone of all good corporate communications,

  • We get to offer our clients serious reputation management, brand building and marketing expertise in both Australia and China,

  • We get to help more people work the way they want to.

So if you’d like to know more about How Communications please have a meander through our website or get in touch.

We also believe in taking people to coffee or lunch if you’re really lucky.

Which we all are.

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