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Image by Janelle Soto

Your brand's reputation can change in a minute. The prevalence of digital and social media makes citizen reporting a common occurrence and your brand can not afford to be caught flat-footed and unequipped to deal with high profile situations.


Our team of experts has helped hundreds of businesses manage the storm of a brand and reputation crisis. Importantly, we also help you to prevent a reputation crisis by making sure all your governance strategies and communication plans are in place. In addition, we train your team and suppliers to work as a calm, effective and aligned unit - ready to handle whatever comes their way. 

We offer:


  • Brand management

  • Coalition building

  • Communications audits

  • Disaster planning

  • Event management

  • Litigation support

  • Lobbying

  • Market research

  • Media liaison

  • Media training

  • Press conferences

  • Press release writing and management

  • Production of newsletters

  • Publicity

  • Situation analysis

  • Social media content design

  • Social media management

  • Speech writing

  • Sponsorship management

  • Strategy development

  • Video production


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