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Personal brand services:

  • Your name (or senior executive's name) and image audited across all channels,

  • Personal brand strategy,

  • Photo shoots,

  • Blog creation,

  • Podcast creation and management,

  • Speaker circuit placement and materials development from speeches to presentations,

  • Biography writing,

  • Social media training for executives and those in the spotlight,

  • Media training,

  • Social media channel creation, management and content creation,

  • ​Rich media CVs including personal domains, websites and video.


Our featured personal brand team includes:

Elva Li

Elva has worked with coaches, leaders and founders to help feel confident online and land high-end clients through her personal branding services. With a background in Business and Finance and working with high-end clients for 10 years, Elva have combined her creative flair with business savviness to help clients bring their visions to life and turn their talents into a premium brand.


Elva is a personal stylist, designer, brand consultant and confidence coach. 

- She has got a Master of Management degree and 10-year experience in business services and advisory field. 


- She knows how to find your wow factor and position you as a premium brand.

- She is trained as a personal stylist, so she knows how to guide you in how to look great online and how to truly reflect your personality uniquely. This is the perfect foundation for a strong personal brand.

- She completed her “Fashion and Luxury Business” course and certificate at IFA Paris. She has an eye for luxury design and this combined with her design and tech skills means she can guide you in creating a high-end personal brand.

- She is a trained coach and a certified NLP practitioner. She provides you with mindset and confidence coaching guidance to make your new brand your reality.

Sherri McIver

Sherri is a corporate writer and award-winning copywriter with experience in every business category. She is also a compelling presenter and facilitator who worked at a high level in several multi-national advertising agencies before running her own agency for over fourteen years.


Currently she is implementing the personal brand strategies for several high profile business leaders and ghost writing at television personality’s memoirs. Sherri understands the importance of communicating your brand story and value to those who will benefit from your expertise and assist you realise your aspirations.

Image by Vinicius Amano
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