• Kendra Overall

Time to write a new book.

It’s the start of a new month. And for me, I am not writing a new chapter, but starting to write a new book. That is, I have made a life and career change.

On the last day of February, I left the ‘comfort’ of my role as head of events and community fundraising at Camp Quality. After many internal conversations with myself (they were certainly interesting) and with the tough but needed conversations with dear friends: I made the decision to leave Camp Quality after three years. It was one of the saddest, hardest and let’s face it – terrifying decisions to make, but one I am grateful to have made.

For those who don’t know me, I truly love and will always hold Camp Quality close to my heart. Camp Quality is in the serious business of delivering fun and laughter for kids facing cancer.

My role was one of my most favourite I’ve ever had in my 20+ years in events, campaigns, business development, marketing and communication design. At Camp Quality, I got to jump in trucks and cars and drive across the countryside wearing blue lipstick (don’t ask) and contemplate buying a swag! I got to work with all sorts of amazing Aussie Larrikins across the country. I worked alongside the best chefs in our country, whilst having an excuse to buy another black dress and wearing a headset (although COVID-19 has lessened the thrill of headsets). Oh and let’s not forget many excuses to have a glass of chardonnay or champagne with a myriad of people across the country!

All of this to build and diversify the revenue portfolio, brand and awareness of one of Australia’s most treasured children’s charities.

But whilst I enjoyed all of this, life turned upside down when my partner had his first surgery for stage four brain cancer two days before our biggest dining event, Off the Menu in May 2019. Phil subsequently passed away in August 2020.

Fast forward to now, and it is time to start writing a new book. Not a new chapter, which would’ve perhaps have seen me seeking a new role in a similar space or reverting back to the corporate environment. Instead, I realised I need to step away from such an outward facing role, where I can run (restrictions permitting) across the country from never ending events and more. Time to be uncomfortable and start anew.

And with that, today is the first page of my new book. I have joined the team at How Communications as the Communication Design Lead. I am embracing a very new and I am sure at times uncomfortable career move!

However, with this I am using my skills in communication design, marketing, events, campaigns and creativity in new and exciting ways. I am embracing the notions of flow and finding energy in what can be, versus what is or what was, which I haven’t done in so very long. Oh and of course this all comes with a healthy dose of fun, learning, awkwardness and giggles.

Thank you, Kristen and Doris. The first day of March heralded the first page of my new book and its magnificent. I can’t wait to see the next magical pages and chapters as they unfold.


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