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A brand is made in the mind of others. Our team of creative brand experts are here to help make sure your brand is created, developed and maintained as positively as possible. No matter if you want to change your image or be the big banana, we've got you covered.

Corporate brand services:

  • Brand strategy,

  • Brand audits across every customer touchpoint (to see if how you want to appear is how you actually appear),

  • Brand research,

  • Tone of voice and personality development,

  • Brand design including logo, design systems and livery,

  • Brand storytelling across all platforms,

  • Internal culture, Employee Value Proposition development, internal brand programs, internal engagement and communication programs,

  • Intranet development,

  • Materials auditing to ensure compliance with legal and policy compliance,

  • Corporate citizenship, social licence to operate and CSR programs,

  • Internal brand and external brand alignment strategies and programs.

Our brand development team includes strategists, thinkers, writers and graphic artists. Our featured brand development team includes:

Sherri McIver


Sherri McIver is the creative thinker, writer, and content creator who will help you achieve visibility for your brand.

In a long career, she's worked with entrepreneurs, businesses, and business leaders to achieve a powerful emotional connection with the people they wish to influence. Her inventive strategic thinking and clear, relevant communications deliver the right messages to the right people.


Sherri is a corporate writer and award-winning copywriter with experience in every business category. She is also a compelling presenter and facilitator who worked at a high level in several multi-national advertising agencies before running her own agency for over fourteen years.

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