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We ran an extraordinary event - here's how.

Like many of you, I've been to hundreds of corporate functions in my time. I've managed a fair few too - but last week we created a special event for ANC to launch their new Marine Collagen Plus Minerals range. Before you click off and click away because this looks like a brag post; I promise it's not.

In fact the hero of the show wasn't the How Comms team or our wonderful suppliers. It's not even our wonderful client @JeromeFu or his equally wonderful ANC colleagues. The hero isn't even their incredible products. And while @Hamish Mclachlan is a gifted and charming MC it wasn't even him. The performers, illustrators and photographers ad videographers were all incredible too - but not the heroes.

The hero was the crowd. The people who attended were relaxed, pleasant, open, good humoured, punctual and generous. It was beautiful and almost magical.

My view is that lockdown has made people more open, friendly and willing to meet others. No one wanted to leave early, people mingled and chatted easily - it was friendly and open to a level I haven't experienced before.

Maybe 2020 has taught us that life is about quality connections. That making the effort to be truly present is a gift to yourself and others.

Here's to 2021 and more quality connections!

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1 Comment

Jul 13, 2021

how to become a legendary employer?? manage the ducks the why's and the puzzle will solve itself. welcome to the presence existence on ArTofficiallty* it's an insult to miscue like this,, I found it! I found it!! how is the answer!! xooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoooxoxoxoxo*

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