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How confidence has empowered my journey

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

I’m thrilled to be shortlisted for the B&T Woman in Media Entrepreneur of the Year Award. A big thank you to my business partners Kristen Boschma and John Fetter with whom I’m able to build an amazing business.

One thing about awards is they are a recognition of the things we believe in and work for. In my case, self-confidence.

Looking back at the past couple years, one thing I’m really proud of is being myself and believing in what I do. To me that’s what confidence means. It’s not about being brave, outgoing or speaking loud. It is the power to stay true to yourself.

Confidence is not something one is born with, well, at least not in my case. On the contrary, in the Asian culture, one needs to be humble, and being confident could be seen as arrogant sometimes.

I wasn’t born with confidence. I discovered the power of confidence along my way.

Fifteen years ago, I first came to Australia with my textbook English, and could barely understand my classmates in the class. I was envious of those whose first language was English, and there were times that I tried to hide my identity so (I thought that) I could better fit into the new environment.

I wish back then someone had given a younger me these pieces of advice:

  1. It’s ok to be yourself. That’s the foundation of your confidence. Of course you are different, because everyone of us is unique. You need to be proud of yourself before everyone else does.

  2. Focus on your strength rather than your weakness. ‘Every coin has two sides’, anything good comes with a bad side, and vice versa. Playing on your strength not only make your more confident, but also happier.

  3. Fake the confidence. The famous “fake it till you make it” physical theory works with confidence as well. If you don’t feel confident yet, fake it till you actually believe it.

(Cartoon by Martin Rosner)

There wasn’t a lightning strike to my head that suddenly changed me to a confident person. Using these small tips along the way helped me to gain confidence and I have been amazed how confidence attracts positive things in life, and being recognized by B&T Woman in Media Awards is one of them.

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